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2020: Oxney in numbers

As an Oxney team member has pointed out on more than one occasion, 2020 felt more like a decade than a year. There have been many unwanted numbers on the world stage (306-232 notwithstanding). But in our little corner of the High Weald, a numerical review of the year offers far more gratifying reading.

Here’s a light-hearted recap of our 2020 in numbers:

56913 total vines tended
1304 tasting glasses filled (and washed!)
520 ‘sleeps’ in our guest accommodation
326 picnic lunches prepped
101 days closed due to Covid-19
60 tonnes of farmyard manure spread
22 tonnes of grapes harvested
20 batches pressed
18 speakers rigged up in the vineyard to deter hungry birds
8 wines now in the Oxney range (+1 traditional method cider)
6 awards won (3 GOLD!)
1 full-time staff member (tired) + 12 part time colleagues (indispensable!)
0mg SO2 added to 2020 vintage
0 dosage in 2017 Classic Magnums
0 herbicides sprayed
– Mechanical harvester in the vineyard (thanks Sam Barnes)
– Oxney vintage for wonder winemaker Salvatore Leone
– Release of our extraordinary Classic Pinot Meunier
– English wine to receive a perfect score from Matthew Jukes (our Chardonnay 2018)